10 Things to Look for in an Asbestos Removal Contractor

10 Things to Look for in an Asbestos Removal Contractor

 Finding The Right Professionals

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Asbestos has been used in construction materials such as walls, flooring tiles, roofing, siding, fire prevention, and  many more. It’s been utilised in most residential and commercial buildings. It’s preferred by many contractors because this has heat and chemical resistance property.

Unfortunately, Asbestos has a severe health hazard.  It has greatly affected many people. From the manufacturers to contractors, its exposure seems to have touched almost everyone. Those who were exposed to asbestos for a long time have suffered major health problems.

In 1924 the British Medical Journal was the first to mention the health risks of asbestos. A medical inspector Edward Merewether began to notice health issues and quoted, “A definite occupational risk among asbestos workers as a class.” Plus, different types of cancer have proven to be a deadly result of its use.

If you ever discover an  Asbestos in your home, check if it’s disturbed or not. Asbestos is less harmful when it’s not disturb. Therefore, just leave it. However, when the materials containing asbestos is already damaged, seek professional help right away.  A Brisbane asbestos removal company provides us a list on what to look for in finding the right contractor.

1. Licensing and certification


Ask your potential contractor for a copy of their license and work permit. Ensure to check what sort of license they have as there are two types of it. Class A is for friable asbestos while class B is for non-friable(bonded) asbestos. Plus, see to it that their licenses are still valid to operate.

2. Reviews and references


If the company reviews are available, read through them and don’t be shy asking for references. References  also validate the contractor’s legitimacy and professionalism down to their employees who do the work. Reading the reviews may also give you clues regarding the work performed, so look at them as a tremendous educating tool.


3. Training

Professional contractors undergone extensive training. As experts, they are trained to several asbestos removal procedures. These includes the following:

  • Preparation on the working site
  • Establishing decontaminating stations
  • Using the proper personal protection
  • Workers health monitoring
  • Proper handing and disposal of asbestos waste

In addition to, those who work as asbestos removal professionals must always be on the cutting edge of their industry’s latest safety procedures.


4. Choices for a homeowner

As the owner of your home where asbestos has been discovered, it is essential to educate yourself on your available choices; Remove the asbestos or Encapsulate it.
A popular spray product for encapsulation is Cemprotec E942. Getting a spray coating over the asbestos membrane and completely covering it with no chance of escaping into the environment may be something to consider. Plus,  it would be wise to get a few professional opinions on those choices.


5. Equipment

Professional asbestos workers must have the proper equipment. Among these are the following:

  • A vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency particulate air filter in use (HEPA)
  • Respirators and eyewear
  • Disposable gloves and coveralls
  • Wet wipes and sealed-tight trash containers, labeled clearly of the warring of its contents ready for its delivery to a qualified landfill-specific for asbestos products.
  • Allocated safety vehicles

6. Safety measures

You’ll know that you’re working with experts when they practice these following safety measures:

  • Putting warning signs
  • Removal of any furniture
  • Covering of any non-removable fixtures needs to take place
  • Do not eat or drink anything in the area

asbestos removal safety handling

7. Work area preparation

An asbestos contractor must always take extra pre cautions before, during and after the removal. They must be knowledgeable enough to prepare the work area. They should know the basics such as closing the doors, sealing off with plastic sheets and using high viz tape .

8. Workers personal protection

Workers will be wearing Personal protection equipment at all times while working on the site. No one, for their own safety, is to be in the work zone without wearing PPE.


9. Proper handling and disposal

Professional contractors know where to dispose Asbestos waste. They should have a list of all the authorized landfill locations.  Moreover, they should have the proper vehicle to carry this harmful substance.

10. Cost of Service

Lastly, the cost of their service. Removing asbestos requires extensive training which means professional contractors spent ample of money just to acquire their license and certification. This is why hiring them can be a bit pricey.  However, it will still varies on several factors such as the size of the contaminated area and level of difficulty. A professional contractor should only charge you with a fair and reasonable amount. If the quote given is way too high for the job then that’s already a red flag. You might be dealing with a dodgy removalist. Hence, do your research and compare prices.



It is not wise to look at removing asbestos as a do-it-yourself project. It can be very dangerous and can lead to irrevocable damage. Hence, it’s highly recommended to hire someone who has a deep understanding about the job.  We hope the ones above help you find the right professional to deal with your asbestos problem.

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