Custom Carports

Professional & Experienced Carport Builders

As part of our line of renovation services our carport builders can custom design and construct carports to any specifications.

We believe knowledge and dedication to excellence are the keys to success. Our building contractors, engineers, and designers aim to produce results that will enhance any home or commercial building.

Looking for a new carport to protect your vehicles? We can build to any specification’s using the best materials in Australia. Many of our carport designs have featured in magazines and websites.

Our Advantage

  • Precise planning and execution – our team will take into considerations all relevant information about a property so that the most optimal carport solution can be produced constructed
  • Rigorous ground preparation – by focusing a lot of energy into preparing the sport where the carport will be built, we make sure that no unpleasantness like cracks in the foundation or tilting of the construction can occur later on,
  • Use of highest quality materials and the latest technologies – with them, carports – build custom carports are both constructed in a shorter amount of time and will last for longer,
  • Quality control and quality assurance – every carport made by the Murchison Renovation Company is tested and checked before a project is declared completed.


Carport Styles Available

  • Gable roof carports – these carports will make use of a house’s roof to match its pitch and this way integrate the structure into the home itself,
  • Flat roof carports – these represent the basic carport constructions which include a flat or slightly tilted roof,
  • Extension garages – in this case, a carport is built as an extension of a preexisting garage.

Aside from these types, there are also plenty of other factors to choose from, including the material used for building a carport, its construction variations and its dimension. All of these can be used to create the best carport solution

Our Company believes in using only the best in the industry and the results reflect this belief. Equipped with builder insurance, personal liability insurance, and all the necessary State of Queensland building licenses, we can build quality custom carports. With a decade-long commitment to the best building projects, we trust that we can help anyone get the best possible carport construction solution. For us, beginning a new carport project is not just a job.

To enquire about our carport services contact us today.

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