Electrical Safety Advice for Queensland Homeowners

Electrical Safety Advice Queensland

Using electricity in the home always comes with a few associated risks. If you’re looking to utilise electricity in a way that is safe and secure for your entire family. There are some rules and guidelines that the Queensland Government has put in place for your best advice.

When it comes to electrical wiring and devices, don’t try to handle it yourself. If you are unsure whether or not using a certain form of electricity is safe, check up on the following Queensland guidelines to make sure you are a safe homeowner at all times. Always hire professionals, VIP Electrician Brisbane www.vipelectricianbrisbane.com.au provide free quotes and use only Queensland Government licensed tradesmen.

Advice From the Government

The Queensland Government has designed a variety of tips and guidelines to help you keep your home and your workplace free of electrical dangers.

Electrical Safety Advice for Queensland Homeowners

Worksafe Queensland www.worksafe.qld.gov.au is a trusted government source that can provide further information for those looking to install electrical devices and wiring. Heed the following pieces of advice:

  • Make sure that each source of electrical power is installed with a safety switch.
  • Properly install your clothes dryer in a location that is free of electrical dangers or hazards.
  • Don’t perform your own electrical work.
  • Be cautious when clearing vegetation and plants from areas with electrical wiring.
  • Be careful when using electricity around water.
  • You may need to rewire your fuses if you are living in an older home.


Dealing with electricity is like dealing with a contained bolt of lightning; it can sometimes be unpredictable, powerful, and highly dangerous. Take extreme caution when dealing with electricity at all times.

Keeping Electrical Equipment at Home

If you have electrical equipment at home, there are several things you can do to make sure that the equipment remains safe. Remember to NEVER keep equipment out where children or other family members can get ahold of it.

The Queensland Government also provides the following pieces of advice for homeowners:

  • Do not use the appliance anything other than for its intended use.
  • Keep your hair, fingers, hands, and toes away from moving parts.
  • Do not use your appliance if there is noticeable damage or wear.
  • Keep ventilation holes free of obstruction.
  • Contact the manufacturer right away if the power supply cord is damaged or frayed.
  • Maintain your electrical equipment on a regular basis.


What to Do During a Flood

It’s no secret that water + electricity = very bad news. In the event of a flood or major water leakage, you will want to turn your mind to your electrical devices right away.

Use extreme caution when looking to switch off your electrical outlets and applications. Power tools are very dangerous when they have become wet. You will find professional electrician at www.vipelectricianbrisbane.com.au from where you can book an expert electrician ASAP.

Professionals can help you safely locate and switch off any electrical devices due to damage by water. You may also need to seek their advice when looking to turn electrical devices back on after the flood has passed.

Electrical Safety Advice

Keep a Good Eye Out

Queensland homeowners should stay cautious when dealing with electrical wires, devices, or appliances. Be sure that larger devices like cloth dryers installed properly to maintain the proper guidelines.

The Queensland Government can assist you with finding the right spot if you need help. When using electric tools, make sure there is plenty of room for ventilation.

During floods, switch off all devices as quickly as possible. If you are unsure what to do, never act on your own. Contact a professional right away. The Queensland Government is here to provide more resources and information on staying safe with electricity.

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