Plumbers Guide Brisbane

Plumbers Guide Brisbane

What is a Plumber?

A plumber is by definition, a tradesperson who fixes, repairs, installs and maintains pipes and fittings pertaining to water supplies. Of course, a plumber’s job isn’t limited only to those duties. This trade requires a working knowledge of

  • Carpentry
  • Building and design
  • Architecture
  • Welding

As a result of this, plumbing is a very multifaceted trade that require an ample amount of training and know-how.

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Common Plumbing Services

There are a number of very common plumbing issues that occur quite regularly in both residential and commercial buildings every day. Some are more benign and could be fixed with the twist of a wrench, while others require a more serious diagnosis and level of professionalism.

While it is always your choice as a homeowner to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem on your own, the guarantee of actually fixing the problem correctly is low. And while it might seem like a simple fix, the reality is that, without proper knowledge, the likelihood of making a mistake or improperly assessing the situation, gets higher and higher with every turn of the screw.

Here is a list of the most often reported plumbing issues, which has been generously supplied by Pro Plumber Brisbane, a local plumbing contractor in South East Queensland. Common plumbing problems as reported by homeowners is as follows.

  • Leaky/ dripping faucet
  • Low or no water pressure
  • Leaking pipes
  • Water in the basement that should not be there
  • Toilets that are constantly running
  • Very slow or clogged pipes and drains
  • Water and debris backup in drains and pipes
  • Non-functioning sump pump
  • Malfunctioning water heater

Late night and weekend problems can sometimes make a home or property owner think that they will not be able to find a professional at that time and so must take matters into their own hands. Think twice before making that decision, as it could lead to hundreds, even thousands of extra dollars in repair costs. Understanding the job that needs to be done is a vital component to proper and safe home repair.

Do Plumbers Need a License?

Of course, when working on any water supply mechanisms, a licensed professional must be the person you call to perform any of this more technical work. After all, many systems are inextricably linked together. For example, HVAC systems.

These are a combination of electrical and water systems, and require more than just a pedestrian knowledge in order to work on them confidently and safely. Without proven skill and mastery, the dangers become greater and greater. There are a number of resources on the internet to utilize in order to see the current state-based regulations and guidelines, such as, but definitely not limited to:

How Do You Choose  A Plumber?

A highly trained and licensed plumber can be hard to find. Do your research before making any decisions. Here are some tips to help ensure that you find a reliable and licensed plumber for your needs.

  • Be sure that the plumber holds a current license and carries complete insurance which protects both your property as well as your neighbor’s. In some cases, work that is done at your house can affect your neighbor.
  • Ask for references. It is completely normal to ask a potential plumber for work history.
  • Inquire about length of time as a licensed plumber. Ask how long they have had a working business model.
  • Get more than one quote for your job. Do not necessarily go with the least expensive. Find the one that seems to indicate the most prudent course of action and outcome.
  • Be sure to ask for an in-person quote and not one that is just generalized and over the telephone. There is not way to properly assess work without actually seeing it.
  • Inquire about guarantees on their work or follow up work, if it is related to the job at hand. Often, plumbers will guarantee their work and will come back to fix what isn’t working if it is applicable to the job for which they quote you. Do not skip this step, as it can be essential if the repairs don’t go according to plan.

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Plumbing Costs:

In Queensland today, there are numerous licensed and fully trained plumbing professionals, all who are specialized in different things. When looking for a plumber, there are a number of factors that can influence pricing. Things such as:

  • The Customer’s location
  • The severity and complexity of the plumbing issue
  • Whether or not any other factors will come into play, such as sewage and irrigation work or advanced electrical work

Here are links to some general pricing guidelines for various plumbing issues (though they are only meant to be used as general information and not exact quotes):

Most plumbers charge per hour. The range will vary, but will be in the realm of $40 to $150 per hour, not including any materials used and can fluctuate quite drastically depending upon many unexpected and unforeseen factors. The average price for a plumber this past year was $85 per hour, not including parts.

If you have a broken toilet and need a new one installed, you can expect to pay somewhere in the vicinity of one hundred fifty dollars. If you have a leaky faucet or a broken pipe that needs to be replaced, expect to pay about $180.00 or so.

If the job is more complicated and requires more time, that amount will increase dramatically, based on time spent and materials needed. If you are plumbing an entire house, expect a starting bill of $9,000 or more, depending upon the size of the home.



Plumbing, for many people, is an essential component to their home or business. It is very important that all is functioning as it should. Although you might be relatively able to perform light plumbing duties such as fixing a leaky faucet or stopping the toilet from running all the time, it is very important to know your limitations.

Water systems can be very technical and, without the necessary training and experience, a botched home job is the most likely outcome, which only leads to frustration, potential damage to yours or your neighbor’s property and a much higher cost output. At the end of the day, be sure to get the right person for the job.