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Brisbane home owners looking to add value to their homes have quite a few home renovation options to choose from. Among the available options, having an innovatively designed custom timber deck or a pool deck and an outdoor hardwood deck would certainly enhance the aesthetic as well as the commercial value of Brisbane homes. In order to construct a timber deck, Brisbane home owners have to look for Builders who are highly experienced in designing Timber decks – building timber decking. Murchison Renovation, a Brisbane based home renovation service provider, has been providing high quality timber decking services for more than ten years.


As one of the reputed decking service providers in Brisbane, we have taken up a wide range of timber deck design and construction projects of different complexities. We provide end to end deck design and deck construction services including

  1. Deck Plan design and getting the necessary approval from the concerned authorities
  2. Deck Construction as per the approved design plan 
  3. Final Inspection and hand over


We have adopted the best Engineering design practice when it comes to designing a deck. The various stages involved in our design process are listed below.

  1. Having a discussion with home owners in order to understand their requirements 
  2. Arrive at a rough design drawing plan that includes floor plan, elevation and 3D-Views of the planned deck and get the feedback from the home owners 
  3. After getting the approval from home owners , we will then prepare a quote 
  4. Once agreed, our draftsmen would come out with the actual plan and along with the plan, a contract document is drafted and sent to customers for sign off
  5. Submitting the final plan for certification



When Brisbane home owners choose us for building their custom designed timber deck, home owners get to enjoy the following benefits

  1. The timber used by our company for decking construction is F14 treated hardwood , which repels the breeding of white ants and also prevents the timber from rotting
  2. At the end of decking construction, the entire timber decking would receive a coating of sealing agent 
  3. Bolts, nails and screws used during timber decking installation are made out of hot dipped galvanized steel, which basically increases their anti rusting capabilities 
  4. We have all the required licenses from the Queensland building Authorities for designing and building timber decks and patios
  5. We have taken personal liability insurance cover for up to A$20,000,000


Our qualified builders can design and construct the perfect deck for you and your family. We ensure that the constructed timber deck appears as a natural component of the original home design and not as an extended design. We provide constant training to our tradesmen so that they have the knowledge about cutting edge construction technologies.

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